Cutting-Edge Equipment and Processes

Our latest addition is a SPEA 4050S2m flying probe tester that is state of the art technology for complex board applications.

  • Automated SMT and Through-Hole lines with placement capabilities 0201 packages to large scale, Precision BGAs /CBGAs: MyData Pick n Place- TP9-2U; TP12; TY19-Hydra
  • Ace Technologies K.I.S.S.-103 Semi-automatic selective soldering
  • X-Ray inspection and expert BGA /QFN process verification – Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113
  • BGA / QFP removal and replacement
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) Mirtec MV – 3L
  • Victronics Soltect Wave Solder
  • Reflow: Conceptronics HVN102 with SPC data logging, unlimited recipe storage. Nitrogen capable.
  • Wash monitor system – Austin American MicroJet Cleaning System
  • SPEA 4050S2m Flying Probe – state of the art technology
  • DFM Feedback and process flexibility to improve reliability and process efficiencies
  • ROHS compliance and ESD Control
  • Proto-type and production run flexibility to improve reliability and process efficiencies
  • Conformal coating
  • Trained and certified IPC-610 & 620 and J-STD-001 workforce
  • High-Mix EMS expertise with inventory and obsolescence management
  • Automated wire/cable processing equipment to accurately and efficiently cut, strip and terminate discrete wire and cables
  •   Crimp height/pull tests performed: verify accuracy of crimp tooling and adherence to specification
  • Continuity, resistance and hi-pot testing with Cirris Test Systems
  • Engineering support for design, component identification and sourcing; print creation and test development

Robust Quality Management